Upcoming events

We invite you to join us at a training academy, to enhance and develop the skills to get the most out of Inputlog. Here you can find information about upcoming training sessions.

Umea (Sweden) 2022

June 17-19

Training school (Earli SIG Writing 2020) | Designing keystroke logging research
Earli SIG Writing conference

Subject matters:

  • Setting up a keystroke logging study
  • Recording writing processes with Inputlog
  • Data cleaning
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of KSL
  • Reporting writing process research

More information: Earli SIG Writing 2022

Pittsburg, PA (USA) 2019

March 12

Workshop | Using keystroke logging in writing research
ATTW Conference

Subject matters:

  • Introduction to keystroke logging
  • Recording writing processes with Inputlog
  • Analyzing and interpreting log data
  • Reporting writing process research

More information: ATTW conference 2019

Shandong (China) 2020

July 22

Keynote | Using keystroke logging in your research … and in your classroom
International conference on second language research and teaching (Shandong University)


  • Conducting keystroke logging research in writing
  • Providing process feedback to students with Inputlog
  • Logging Chinese script
  • The future of keystroke logging

More information: watch webinar | slides

Porto (Portugal) 2018

November 1–3

Demonstration | Inputlog report function
ELN | 1st Literacy summit

Subject matters:

  • Introduction | Inputlog analyses
  • General introduction to the latest version of Inputlog.
  • Demonstration | Inputlog report function
    The Inputlog report function enables you to give your pupils or students feedback on their writing processes. We provide a standard reporting on different aspects of the writers’ process (e.g. pausing behavior, source use and fluency graph). The reports can be customized to your needs by using the template function.

Xi’An (China) 2020

March 11-14

Demo | Logging Chinese script with Inputlog
WRAB Conference

Subject matters:

  • Introduction to keystroke logging
  • Recording Chinese script with Inputlog (pinyin)
  • Further developments

More information: WRAB conference 2020

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If you publish or present a paper in which Inputlog has been used, please refer to the following article:

Leijten, M., & Van Waes, L. (2013). Keystroke Logging in Writing Research: Using Inputlog to Analyze Writing Processes. Written Communication 30(3), 358-392
DOI: 10.1177/0741088313491692

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