How can you use Inputlog in writing classes?

When teaching writing, you do not only focus on the final text. You also challenge your students to reflect on their composing process. However, this process is very fluid.

Inputlog can help you to make your students’ writing process more concrete and tangible.

Record writing assignments

As Inputlog is very easy to install in a computer lab, you can easily integrate a logging procedure in your writing or training sessions. For advanced students or professional trainees, an individual installation on private computers is also a suitable option.

Self reflection

Depending on the students’ age and proficiency level, the analyses provided in Inputlog offer a very concrete basis for self reflection. For instance, the process graph offers an easy to read visualisation of the process dynamics, including the use of resources.

Peer to peer feedback

Challenge your students to compare log analyses with each other and discuss different composing and revision strategies. This comparison can be complemented by replaying a screen recording of their writing session.

How can you generate a process report?

How can you bring keystroke logging to the classroom? The so-called process report in Inputlog might help you. The report function automatically generates a user friendly pdf-file addressing different perspectives on the students’ writing process:

  • pausing
  • revision
  • source use
  • fluency


Example of a process report

Download an example of a process report

More information

For more information, we refer to:
Vandermeulen, N., Leijten, M., & Van Waes, L. (2020). Reporting writing process feedback in the classroom: Using keystroke logging data to reflect on writing processes. Journal of Writing Research 12(1), p. xx-yy. DOI: xx

If you publish or present a paper in which Inputlog has been used, please refer to the following article:

Leijten, M., & Van Waes, L. (2013). Keystroke Logging in Writing Research: Using Inputlog to Analyze Writing Processes. Written Communication 30(3), 358-392
DOI: 10.1177/0741088313491692

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