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Download Inputlog Software: Inputlog versions

The latest version and previous releases of Inputlog are freely downloadable for research purposes. We strongly recommend you to carefully read the installation guide before you install the software on your computer. In order to use the software, please, complete the registration form first. Send this form via mail to Luuk Van Waes or Mariëlle Leijten and you will receive a personal password in your mailbox to unlock the installation software.

Download Inputlog

1. Select the Inputlog version you would like to use.
2. Download the program.
3. Complete the registration form to receive a personal password to unlock the installation procedure.
You can now install the program on your computer (or external device). You will be prompted to enter your password at the start of the installation procedure. See also: hardware and software requirements in the installation section.

Use of Inputlog

Please note that Inputlog is a research instrument that is free to the research community. If you publish research in which inputlog has been used please refer to:

Leijten, M., & Van Waes, L. (2013).
Keystroke Logging in Writing Research: Using Inputlog to Analyze and Visualize Writing Processes. Written Communication 30(3), 358Ė392 | DOI: 10.1177/0741088313491692 | PDF

We strongly believe in sharing information like research techniques etc. Therefore, we would like to strongly encourage you to share information on your research project via WritingPro. WritingPro is a knowledge center for writing process research where researcher can share information and search for information related to writing process research; project descriptions of other researchers, data collection techniques, data analyses techniques, references, presentations, ...

Available versions

This is an overview of the versions of Inputlog that have been made available to the reseach community via the Inputlog website.

Version Date Explanation
Download Inputlog 19.11.2015 Inputlog Minor update related to some bugs in the pause analysis (product information) and the merge function. Includes also minor additions to the pause and summary analyses.
Download Inputlog 7.0 09.07.2015 Inputlog 7.0 (Beta): Major update
- New analyses: linguistic analysis for English and Dutch, Bigram analysis
- New finite state algorithm in pause analysis.
- New and extended options in the different modules (e.g. interactive process graph).
- Updated manual and integrated help file.
Download Inputlog 6.0 21.05.2014 Inputlog 6.0: Major update
- New analyses: word pause analyses, token analysis, bigram analysis and fluency analysis.
- New and extended options in the different modules (e.g. segmentation of idfx files).
- First draft of manual and integrated help file.
Download Inputlog 5.2.01 02.07.2013 Inputlog 5.2 (Beta).
Major update of Inputlog: extended pre and post processing procedures; refined and extended general and pause analysis; debugged S-Notation and revision analysis; process graph including source interaction; analysis of Translog files.
Download Inputlog 22.05.2013 Latest version of Inputlog 5.1 (Beta). Minor debugs related to installation, symbol handling, starting time, pause analysis and filters in the pre-processing tab, start logging from previous document. Remark: Thank you to all the users that reported certain bugs.
Download Inputlog 20.01.2013 Latest version of Inputlog 5.1 (Beta). Minor upgrade, including full pre-processing possibilities and extra merging facilities. Also some minor bugs in the analyses and merging functions are solved. (Excel conversion, update copied characters, extra pausing variables).
Download Inputlog 15.12.2012 Latest version of Inputlog 5 (Beta). Major upgrade with new and updated analyses (extended summary analysis, process graphs, S-Notation, source analysis, revision analysis), extra filtering and post processing options.
(Remark: the pre-process tab is still under construction, see Filters in the Analyze-tab)
We are now testing and debugging this version extensively and we will make an updated version available by the end of January 2013.
Download Inputlog 02.03.2012 Latest version of Inputlog 5 (Beta). Merging of general, summary and pause analyses added; extra options for import/export of analyses configuration added.Pause analysis includes within word and sentence identification.
Download Inputlog 07.02.2012 Latest version of Inputlog 5 (Beta). ID's and Time Filter added. Debugging of consecutive backspaces
Download Inputlog 22.12.2011 Latest version of Inputlog 5 (Beta). Update of S-Notation and Focus analysis (incl. Time, Event and Focus filter). Inputlog 4 conversion added.
Download Inputlog 11.10.2011 Updated version of Inputlog 5 (Beta). Updated and extended interface and analyses.
Download Inputlog 02.09.2011 First beta version of Inputlog 5. Contains totally reprogrammed version of Inputlog.
Download Inputlog 4.1 08.09.2010 Inputlog 4: including revision analysis (not suitable for 64 bit processors).
Download Inputlog 3.0 10.07.2008